Vision & Mission


  • Using high quality raw materials
  • Production Process with high technology
  • Ensure a quality system, on time, on budget
  • Short manufacturing lead time
  • Fast installation of prefabricated systems
  • planning and coordination for more efficient installation
  • Operating cost saving, custom made, energy saving and easy to clean maintain also hygienic
  • provide information and education to all users of the Cold Storage and the procedures for storing



Leading innovation in quality for customer convenience and become one of the trust of consumers in providing services in the Cold Storage.
Highest customer satisfaction is the company’s primary objective and is the standard for all our activities. Exceeding the customer’s expectations, cost efficiency, the use of state-of-the-art operating facilities and regulation equipment as well as the special focus on our employees - due to all these factors the PT. Sekawan Mandiri is an indispensable partner for its customers.

Long-term customer retention and a high degree of customer satisfaction strengthen us in our activities and are at the same time a guarantee for our future success.

The advantage over competitors is continually extended, due to leadership in technology, innovation and cost.
Our corporate culture is marked in all parts of the world by openness, fairness, determination and concentration on our core competences.Thus we meet the daily challenges jointly with our employees, customers and partners.