Cold Storage

BIGPANEL® Insulated Systems are applicable for Industrial Cold Storage comprising dry storage, chiller/ freezer storage with integrated office, anteroom, and loading area as well as Commercial Cold Storage (controlled atmosphere rooms, freezer and/ or chiller configuration constructed inside standard shipping container or modular buildings).
Corner joints and fixings are factory trimmed to ensure continuity of insulation and vapor seal integrity. Wall panel Slip Joint® and joints with F-mould joiners shall be sealed with mastic liberally applied so that excess mastic is clearly visible on the panel surface at the joint.

With its light-weight construction load, BIGPANEL® Insulated Systems are applicable for food processing facilities.
The systems will provide good insulation, its fast installation can reduce installation time up to 30-40% compare
to the
conventional structure. The off-white paint used in the prepainted
steel is food grade, which make it safe for food processing facilities. The steel can easily be washed or cleaned
to make the cleanliness needed easy to maintain.
Easy-to-relocate transportable buildings using BIGPANEL® Insulated Systems are container and insulated-panel
type. Can be configured to suit any application such as base-station shelter to house sensitive electronic or
telecommunication equipment, kitchen, dinner, accommodation, office, recreation facilities, ablution, laundry
room, freezer, chillers, etc.
The Insulated Panel Type, suits to all modular building applications, is easily extended to cater for future project
growth, as well as able to be dismantled and relocated. Base
options can be prefab steel base frame or concrete slab. It is a cost effective solution for uncomplicated building
requirements. The Container Type is very robust building based on standard shipping container. It can be
positioned on simple pre engineering footings and moved by forklift, crane or truck. It is a perfect solution where
immediate occupancy is required.
BIGPANEL® Insulated Systems are used for insulated wall and ceiling as well as for swing and sliding doors. The
panels are built based on modules and sent to sites using containers. The panels were also used for high-rise
With high quality BIGPANEL® Insulated Systems, container type transportable building can be configured as
refrigerated freezer or chiller.