Main Business

The main business of PT. Sekawan Mandiri is engaged in refrigeration that has been initiated since the 90s. Activities related to
Our business areas are:
· Consultant (Advice)
· Design and Planning
· Install and Commissioning
· Supplier
· Contract Service

PT. Sekawan Mandiri has experience in planning, construction, maintenance and spare parts supply system cooling. This ability is especially supported by the experience and professionalism of human resources that we have and the quality of products and parts used.

The company business scope covering several areas that have been we're working on for many years and making experts Companies hang more detail, such as:
• Isolation rooms and cooling systems for indoor rooms cooling (Cold Storage)
• Isolation rooms and cooling systems for Air Blast Freezer (-35 °C to -50 ° C)
• Double horizontal and vertical contact plate freezer
• The cooling system for water (water chillers).
• Brine freezers and refrigerated sea water
• Block Ice plant for commercial and industrial with a weight of 1 ton to 60 tons per day.
• Flake ice makers, ice makers Plate, and a variety of machinery products
Other cooling.