Refrigerator System

What not many end consumers know: many industrial companies place their trust in BITZER products. Whether it’s low-temperature storage at chain stores, flash-freezing foods or freeze-drying medicines in the pharmaceutical industry, Bitzer compressors are used in a wide range of applications.
Fresh food from all over the world all year round, regardless of the outside temperature: it’s possible thanks to reliable BITZER compressors in the commercial refrigeration segment, which maintain an uninterrupted cold chain. Healthy foods make it all the way from the producer to the consumer without losing any of their quality.

Medium temperature application
Display cabinets in supermarkets ensure that goods such as dairy products, vegetables, fruit and meat retain their flavor and don’t spoil. Refrigeration systems with BITZER compressors achieve the ideal temperature and maintain it for as long as necessary.
Consistently low temperatures are indispensable in many industrial processes and in the cutting-edge production and distribution of foods. Whether in the distribution warehouses of supermarket and logistics chains or in fermentation management at breweries, BITZER compressors play a key role in all these applications.
• Cooling capacity 0-50kW
• Cooling capacity > 50kW

Low temperature application
High sporting performance wouldn’t be possible without industrial low temperature applications: for example, a system with BITZER compressors forms and maintains the layer of ice in ice rinks. Bitzer products are also used in the production of frozen foods – that’s what we call versatility
Frozen pizzas, fruit, vegetables and baked goods – because of these products, it’s nearly impossible to imagine a supermarket without a frozen foods section. Systems with BITZER compressors guarantee storage below –18°C at all times, preventing frozen products from spoiling and ensuring they stay fresh until they reach your home.
• Cooling capacity 0-25kW
• Cooling capacity > 25kW
Refrigeration System
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