About Us

PT. Sekawan Mandiri was established in 1997, with the firm determination of the founder to participate actively participate in technology-based businesses and the implementation of cold chain logistics system.
The background of the founder who is experienced in refrigerant-based enterprises in the 80s is a journey worthwhile to further explore and innovate technology and its application to be a pioneer and leader in cold chain business.

In the course of business since the establishment of this company, have contributed to development in Indonesia through various sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, health, food and beverage industries, supermarkets, hotels, logistics and others.

PT. Sekawan Mandiri has had experience over many years in the refrigeration business, cooperate in dealing with government projects and private. Our company is trusted because it has a human resources expert in refrigeration working professionals and supported with quality replacement parts.
With qualified human resources and technological innovation, PT. Sekawan Mandiri provide design of cold storage and cooling system for the small, medium as well as the industry adjusted to the conditions and needs, such as: Blast Freezers, Cold Storage, Chilling Room, antee Room, Commercial Refrigeration, clean room, ice machine and others ,

To achieve the mission and goals of PT. Sekawan Mandiri, we constantly develop cooperation with various parties, both government and private sectors so as to help improve the quality of agricultural products, fisheries, animal husbandry, health, food and beverage industry and others